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    What are the Common Signs of Ductwork in Need of Repair?

    It is important to maintain the ductwork in your home to avoid costly repairs. Having routine inspections will help prevent your heating & cooling systems from using more energy than necessary. If you’re noticing any of the following issues, you are likely in need of air duct repair service from Thermo Direct:

    Loud Noises Coming from Your Ductwork

    If you are hearing loud popping or knocking noises coming from your air ducts, this is most likely the result of uneven airflow & pressure. As the air is pushed through the air ducts of your home, it can cause the ducts to expand or “pop.” This may be a sign that your ductwork is damaged, and you should call Thermo Direct to come to your home today.

    Increased Utility Costs Without Using More Energy

    Have you noticed that your heating & cooling bills have increased, even though you haven’t been running your systems more frequently? If this is the case, there is a possibility that your air ducts have been damaged and the air your systems are trying to push through the ductwork are leaking. Contact the local air duct repair professionals near Raleigh, NC today!
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    Excess Dust in Your Home

    Noticing that dust accumulates on your home’s surfaces quickly? This could be happening due to damaged air ducts. To find the best solution, contact an air duct repair expert at Thermo Direct today.

    Abnormal Sneezing & Coughing Indoors

    It is common that when you have poor air quality in your home, you will notice yourself sneezing or coughing more frequently. This is a result of excess dust & allergens that are being released into the air from faulty ductwork. If you are experiencing any symptoms of poor indoor air quality, you may need air duct repair service from Thermo Direct Call today!

    If you notice any of these signs in your home, you’ll want a professional at Thermo Direct to come to your home for an air duct inspection. Our air duct experts will find the cause of the problem & provide air duct repair solutions. No matter the issue, you can trust the local air duct professionals near Raleigh, NC to solve any problem today.

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    How Can I Tell if My Air Ducts are Leaking?

    The easiest way to tell if your air ducts are leaking is to have a professional from Thermo Direct come out to your home to inspect your air ducts. Another way to tell if your air duct needs to be repaired is to hold a piece of paper up to your exposed air duct. If it is blown away from your air duct, gets sucked toward, or sticks to your air duct, you have a leak and should call professionals at Thermo Direct today.

    How Often Should I Get My Air Ducts Cleaned?

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    The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends that you have your air ducts cleaned every 3-5 years. 3 years is enough time for your air ducts to fill up with dust and grime. Additionally, it is recommended that you have your air ducts inspected once a year. This inspection is necessary to make sure your air ducts are not leaking or running less efficiently than they are supposed to. Call Thermo Direct for an air duct inspection today!

    Professionalism You Can Count On

    With our highly skilled technicians & upfront pricing, you can trust the local Raleigh, NC experts at Thermo Direct for 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all air duct repair & ductwork services.