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    At Thermo Direct, we provide excellent home insulation & weatherization services throughout the Raleigh area, including the installation of whole-home residential air purifiers, filtration, & humidification systems. Call Thermo Direct today to learn more about what we can do for you.

    Keep Your Home Comfortable & Save Money

    If you have noticed that your home is not maintaining a constant temperature despite a working HVAC unit, your insulation or lack thereof may be the problem. At Thermo Direct, we know the importance of efficiency and cost-effectiveness when it comes to HVAC products.

    When we install AC systems or heaters for our customers, we emphasize the difference that insulation replacement can make both for your comfort and your wallet. Our expert technicians can provide insulation services in your Raleigh home as part of an HVAC installation or a bigger weatherization plan.

    Benefits of Insulation Installation & Replacement

    Should you elect to replace or upgrade your home’s insulation, we can help you choose the specific type of insulant that is best for you and your budget. This includes spray foam, blown, and batts insulation. Each type of insulation we offer has different advantages to consider.

    Insulation Installation

    Energy Efficiency

    You will instantly improve your energy efficiency when you have insulation replacement done in your home. There should be a dramatic decrease in your energy bill, which not only saves you money but also reduces your carbon footprint.

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    Reduced Sound

    We’ve all been in buildings with poor insulation. If you can hear people talking or outside noises through the walls, this is an indication that your insulation is not doing its job. You’ll notice an immediate difference in sound levels when you have your insulation replaced.

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    Environmental Advantages

    When your AC unit or heater is working more efficiently to condition your house to the temperature you desire, there is less energy expended to heat or cool your home, allowing fewer chemical byproducts to enter the environment.

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